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Eyebrow Waxing in Long Beach at Our Renowned Spa

Spa Sidney provides eyebrow waxing as well as other waxing services at our Long Beach location. Our spa, founded in 1996, has been helping our clients discover their natural beauty for over 20 years. Founded and headed by top-esthetician Sidney Cramer, our waxing treatments are as extensive as the rest of our catalog. Whether you need a simple lip and chin wax or a full leg wax, our team can provide these services with discretion and expertise.

Waxing is a preferred method for semi-permanent hair removal. After a session at Spa Sidney, the waxed area will be left with a smoother, more even feel than shaving because this method also removes dead skin cells. There’s no risk of bruises or cuts that can damage your skin permanently, so you don’t have to worry about shaving scars long after your hair has regrown. Plus, our waxes are made from natural ingredients that provide hair removal to the root in even the most sensitive of areas.

Full Leg Wax for Silky Smooth Legs

Spa Sidney offers a set of waxing options including full leg wax, arm wax, back wax, and stomach wax. Check out the full list of options for waxing to decide if you want to tackle a few areas at once or combine a

wax with a body treatment—such as our Kiwi Scrub—and walk out feeling brand new. Get in touch with Spa Sidney today or schedule your next session now.

Arm Wax 15 min | $35.00

Autralian Wax 45 min | $75.00

Back Wax 30 min | $55.00

Bikini Wax 30 min | $25.00

Brazilian Wax30 min | $65.00

Brow Wax 30 min | $27.50

Brows 15 min | $30.00

Let our experienced estheticians find the perfect shape to frame the windows to your soul. With precision sculpting trimming and grooming you will be giving the most fierce side eye in town! Make it perfect with brow tinting to complete the look.

Brows Tweez 30 min | $25.00

Chest Wax 30 min | $65.00

Chest Wax 30 min | $65.00

Chest Wax 30 min | $65.00

Full Face Wax 15 min | $25.00

Full Leg Wax 45 min | $68.00

Full Leg Wax 45 min | $68.00

Glutes Wax 15 min | $15.00

Half Leg Wax 30 min | $48.00

Lip & Chin Wax 15 min | $15.00

Lip Wax 15 min | $12.00

Nose Wax 15 min | $13.00

Stomach Wax 30 min | $45.00

Under Arms Wax 15 min | $20.00 /span>

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